Please read through all guidelines and incentives before moving foward with the application!
 Click link below to apply!

*Rep rotation is every 3 months. Your position will last 3 months and after that time is up you have the choice to retire your position or continue repping*


Rep must make a monthly purchase of ANY amount. We do this just to ensure that our reps are promoting up to date products. 

Every Rep MUST leave us a Facebook review at least once. (linked in email)

Like our Facebook page

Comment & Like all of our Facebook and Instagram posts. (I understand sometimes we get busy and miss a post or two... but please go back and like/comment if possible.)

SHARE 3+ pics a week promoting your discount code on Facebook & Instagram

SHARE our posts on your story!

If an item is sent to you in exchange for a picture, please submit the picture within one week. I understand things happen that aren’t in our control, I just ask that you communicate these issues with me.

Pictures don’t always have to be professional, as long as they show the full item I will be happy!

Anytime a free gift is sent WITH or WITHOUT a purchase, the purpose is for you to post a picture promoting the item.


You will receive a discount code for your followers to use.

30% and up flash sales for brand reps ONLY.

Random giveaways for our reps, will include gifts or store credit. (will try to do this once a month)

You will receive a free product for every 1-3 sales you make... Sometimes it’s difficult to make a sale, but if I see you’re putting effort and only make one sell I will make an exception.

We want you to be able to buy our products to promote, so you will get 20%  off all of your purchases + free shipping ALWAYS!!!

I tried to make these as reasonable as possible! If any guidelines are broken I will simply deactivate your discount code.

 Click link below to apply!

I look forward to working with you!

Madison J. Parra